NARMADA Herbal Spray

Mosquito Repellent-cum-Room Freshener

‘NARMADA Herbal Spray’ Launched

The Narmadalaya today launched a herbal spray that acts as a mosquito and pest repellent as it spreads fragrance also. A 100 %  natural product, the NARMADA Herbal Spray has been produced from the Reverse Osmosis (RO) water and essential natural oils. It is free from alcohol or any other synthetic chemical.Narmsds Herbal sprey 1

The spray has been formulated at the Nimar Abhyudaya Rural Management And Development
Association (NARMADA) situated in the Narmada valley at Lepa Punarvas, Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh.

The spray was launched on Ganesh Chaturthi today by Mr. Sarvjit Paranjpe, the Head of the Five Fold Path Agihotra Mission, at a function organised at the Association’s production centre near Kasaravad.  Among those present was Mr.Franklin Nelson, a practitioner of agnihotra.

NARMADA trusty secretary Bharati Thakur said this is the first herbal product developed at the Lepa Punarvas and marketed in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Indore and other places. The earlier products are dohad, garments for children, punjabi suits, night gowns, handkerchiefs and eco friendly bags have provided source of income for the men and women of the region. The centre has begun production of solar dryers and soil testing kits developed by the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai.

Coordinator Raghav Deosthale said centre has begun marketing of five essences, namely Hills, Flora, Coastal, Lime Fresh and Earth. These are formulated by combining various natural oils.

Narmsds Herbal sprey 2This spray is to be used externally on the human body. This spray is a good and effective room freshener-cum-pest repellent. Two variants of each essence are currently available, one ‘mild’ and the other ‘strong.’

The mild spray is priced at Rs. 60/- (Rs. Sixty) and the strong variety at Rs. 75.00 (Rs. Seventy-five).

The spray does not create any health hazards like breathing problems and skin diseases experienced due to the prolonged use of some chemical-based spray meant to be mosquito and insect repellents. The Narmada Herbal Spray is a clean and green solution to tackle the menace of the mosquito and pest repellent.

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