Life blossoms here

Aditya, 11

We are very happy to share a powerful story of an 11- year old courageous Aditya. Aditya lost his mother when he was two year old and at the age of 10 lost his father. At a very young age he lost all the care, love, affection and support which a child needs. His father was addicted to alcohol. He used to continuously smoke and drink. He didn’t take care of Aditya neither did any of his family members. Aditya was not admitted to school. In fact his father used to beat and lock Aditya up in their house for hours and hours with TV set on at full volume. He threw junk food in front of Aditya. After his mother’s death Aditya ate only junk food like chips, bread, biscuits, Pakoda’s etc. as his breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Once, Aditya tried steeling food to eat from their own kitchen as he felt very hungry and papa was busy with a glass of wine. As the steel container slipped from Aditya’s heads, the drunken father got angry and tied the child to the ceiling fan. This incident left deep impact on little Aditya’s life. Aditya frequently passed stool wherever he sat, ate, and slept. He never inculcated any values or good habits to him. Aditya was not aware about the toilet habits. Such habits deteriorated Aditya’s health day by day and so did his father’s.

Their neighbors tried to interfere by making him aware about Aditya’s health. They even tried to help Aditya but his father didn’t let them. They approached police to intervene in the matter. They filed a case against his father for child abuse, but nothing changed.

With all organs failed one by one, his father passed away-an inevitable end of excess consumption of alcohol. Nothing was left behind for Aditya except uncertain future. This nine year old child understanding nothing about death saw his father cremated without realizing what the destiny had brought for his future life. Rest of the relatives  turned their backs towards this orphan. No one was ready to take care of him. His aunt then took him to Shriram Maharaj, an ardent devotee of Shri Gondvaleker Maharaj, at Khedighat near Omkareshwar in Madhya Pradesh to take decision about him. The Swamiji who knows the activities of Nimar Abhyudaya Rural Management and Development Association (NARMADA) recommended her to take him to NARMADA’s Nachiketa Chhatrawas formed by Ms. Bharati Thakur

With all necessary procedures, Aditya got admitted in Nachiketa Hostel. Nachiketa Hostel is Part of NARMADA where deprived children from Alirajpur and Khargone District of Madhya Pradesh reside. Children here are provided with all necessary facilities like food, shelter, formal and informal education, vocational training, and personality development etc.

When Aditya came to the center, he was a very quiet and shy boy. He did not mix with other children nor did he play games with boys of his age. Due to excess consumption of junk food, he had gained weight. He was suffering from skin diseases and also used to be unwell. He had become very weak. He couldn’t even read and write.

The NARMADA team constantly put in efforts for a year and half to make things normal for Aditya. Aditya was given proper medical care. He responded to the treatment given to him. He is now trying to overcome from the trauma he had faced. He has inculcated good food habits as well as learnt toilet manners. Aditya has shown drastic change in academics. Where it was very difficult for him to hold a pencil or even read alphabets, today he reads and writes standard two books. He has a good grasping power and also has learnt many stotras of Shri Adi Shankaracharya and Vasudevanand Sarswati ji, few chapters of Bhagwad Geeta, Ramraksha and many poems

We at NARMADA are happy to witness his progress in such a short span. And Aditya is not alone in our Nachiketa hostel. There are several children residing here learning lessons of life and learning lessons from their school books too. Each child has a different story behind him and within few days everybody realizes yes, LIFE REALLY BLOSSMS HERE AT NARMADA…