Future Plan

  • Strengthen their educational centers in all the villages
  • Start a vocational training program on agriculture  so as to ensure that children who have dropped out after 8th grade have some employability skills. Most of the youth of the region are school dropouts. Even those who have passed eighth class cannot read and write simple English or Hindi. They work as seasonal labors on the farms of landlords for three to four months in a year. Rest of the time they wail away their time playing cards and fall prey to various addictions. A work force of a large number of youth is thus wasted.
  • Work on various health component and ensure regular health check-ups in all villages
  • Creation of public awareness through campaigns, seminars, conferences and workshops in the field of education, environment, and health
  • R & D programs for the development of appropriate affordable and sustainable systems for livelihood, women and children education, and environment protection
  • Conducting studies and surveys to create means of livelihood.